Welding Safety Eyewear

If you’re searching for welding glasses, you’re in the correct place. We are one of the manufacturers plus suppliers of welding glasses and we have also specializations in these products. All of our products are off top-class quality and durable from different industries, as per the products.

Welding glasses or goggles are a type of PPE that’s used by the welders for providing protection to their eyes from intense ultraviolet, heat, or infrared light plus flying debris in times of the welding as well as cutting operations. Otherwise, it might cause a serious burn of the cornea, known as welder’s flash or Photokeratitis. Welding glasses provide a level of eye protection against certain types of welding and cutting. Nevertheless, these are not suitable for arc welding operation. 

We deal in top-class welding safety glasses other than welding glasses and we always strive hard to surpass the requirements and expectations of our customers so that they can get the maximum value every time. Our main goal is our customer satisfaction. We want you to visit our online store at www.suresafety.com so that you can choose the most suitable welding glasses to serve your requirements.

Welding glasses have been designed with 3 or 5 lenses of shade number. Such shades are useful in times of brazing, torch soldering, and cutting but not desired for arc welding that needs a darker lens. So, it’s very important to select appropriate welding glasses for a specific operation.

The optical fiber that’s used in welding glasses must be suitable for the particular welding or cutting. A filter that’s compatible with gas welding isn’t compatible to be utilized for arc welding. Self-dimming type glasses are available for arc welding and for plasma cutting that offer better vision prior to the arc starts and after it’s extinguished.

We also offer welding sunglasses of top-notch quality and so when it comes to a total welding glass solution, look no further than us. We are blessed with a large base of satisfied customers and so we are very confident about our offerings.

The welding safety goggles offer a level of eye protection whenever some forms of welding plus cutting are being performed. They are desired for providing great protection to the eyes not only from the optical radiation and heat created by welding, including the intense ultraviolet light created by an electric arc, but also from debris or sparks.

Welding safety glasses are helpful in protecting welders against Photokeratitis that’s also called "welder's flash." These safety glasses have been designed with Shade 3 or Shade 5 Lenses and they are mainly used for torch soldering, cutting, and brazing. However, these glasses are not meant for arc welding that has a requirement of a darker lens discovered in Welding Helmets.  

Now, it’s time to make a wise decision. We are there to help you in choosing the appropriate welding glasses to serve your purpose.

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